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Online instructors first need to be engaged if they want their students engaged. Learn how “human touch” serves to get everyone engaged.

Human touch is really all about creating and maintaining relationships. When students sense a trusting, caring relationship on the part of their instructor, students begin to perceive that their online experience is as much about them, or even more so, than the curriculum, projects, and test results. Students feel that their instructor is trying to establish a warm, supportive relationship, their sense of belonging and engagement increases. That’s just human nature.

The presentation will highlight examples of “human touch” in online courses, including those used by the presenter who has taught well over 100 undergraduate and graduate online college courses since 2000.

John Thompson, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, USA

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  1. April 24, 2014 at 10:45 am #

    Yes and yes! I usually add in two optional, threaded discussions to my online composition courses: a student lounge and a class photo album. This way, students can talk about “off-topic” material (that they easily slide into during live seminars), and they can show off their children or grandchildren, or simply share a smile. Ann Reich, Kaplan University

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