Usability of a Technology Website for Teachers: Productivity Tools Made Easier

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Despite increasing demands to use technology, teachers often feel frustrated in knowing how to use technology productivity tools efficiently. At a private high school, teachers are required to use productivity tools available through the school website to do their work. However, through informal feedback, teachers expressed frustration that information was difficult to find and was not current or relevant. Therefore, the purpose of this usability study was to evaluate the content and organization of a newly designed website. Teachers who reported little to no use of the website were asked to participate. Six teachers were observed and audio recorded using a talk-aloud technique while using the website to complete eight tasks commonly asked of teachers. Data collected included field notes, screencastings, and surveys. Analysis included qualitative coding of field notes and audio transcripts and descriptive statistical analysis of the survey data. Findings indicated teachers preferred having information simplified, in one location, with fewer drop down menus. Additionally, there were a variety of preferences in terms of how information was presented, with some preferring video, some text and images, and some downloadable PDF files. These findings have implications for how the website is designed to best meet differing teacher needs.
  • Timothy Freitas, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, USA

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