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The Lotus Notes email host program is used in the Hawaiʻi Department of Education (HIDOE) to provide communication within all public schools in Hawaiʻi. At the school level, Lotus Notes is used for checking and sending email, reading school bulletins and HIDOE memos, posting meeting notes, and generating service requests. Without access to their Lotus Notes accounts, teachers and other staff members feel they are cut off from school communication, and therefore, cannot do their jobs effectively. Many requests for Lotus Notes assistance are generated and given to technology coordinators on a daily basis. Until the technology coordinator can help the teacher or staff member, school communication for that person halts. This instructional module provided mini trainings to teach teachers to perform three Lotus Notes tasks by themselves. The module was delivered through a website that utilized screencasts, a document with text and screenshots, and a downloadable document option for those wanting to print the trainings. Survey results indicated that an overwhelming amount of participants found the trainings to be helpful. They stated they could now accomplish adding a Lotus Notes (LN) application, posting minutes, and activating the workspace tab in LN 8.5 by themselves. All participants felt more comfortable in using online trainings to learn. Responses indicated that the trainings were clear, easy to follow, and beneficial because of the relevance of the trainings and choices they had for learning. The few suggestions received from the participants will be considered before linking this website to the school’s website.
  • Annette Ahuna, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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