Fostering English Common Core State Standards through Web 2.0 Tools for Secondary Teachers

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Teachers in Hawai’i are pressured more than ever to incorporate technology into learning environments not only from societal expectations but also by the integration of Common Core State Standards as the leading guide for standards-based curriculum design. Thus, it is critical for teachers to receive training and resources that are necessary for the successful implementation of technology into teaching practices. This online instructional module was developed through a website using Weebly that shared information about four Web 2.0 tools to benefit both teachers and students. Therefore, the purpose of this instructional design project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the website and to compare attitudes of teachers towards using these online tools before and after they viewed the module. Of the twelve original teacher participants, eight were able to complete the module within the time allotted. The pre-survey data illustrated that all but one participant was at least somewhat familiar with Web 2.0 tools in general, yet most only used such tools for personal and social reasons. Post survey results, measured by varying Likert-scales and open-ended responses, indicated that participants were more comfortable and interested in using the four Web 2.0 tools in their teaching after completing the learning module.
  • Carly Mounts, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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