Regional – Current and Emerging Trends of E-Learning in South Korea

Session Description
South Korea has been well recognized for its challenging policy making and practices of e-learning in the various sectors of society. Through the reciprocal dynamics between policy support and research practices, there are a variety of experiences accumulated over 20 years which eventually can produce interesting success and fail stories to be shared with international audiences. This presentation will focus on the current status of e-learning and emerging trends in South Korea along with the related educational policy and research issues. #TCCKoreaTrends
About the Presenter
Insook Lee, ProfessorSejong University, Seoul, South Korea

Insook Lee, Professor
Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea

Dr. Insook Lee received her Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. She is a full professor at Department of Education, Sejong University, Seoul, R. of Korea. She received the Distinguished Research Professor Award (3 years accumulated research performance), Sejong University, R. of Korea in 2004 and the Robert de Kieffer International Fellowship Award, AECT, U.S.A. in 2003. Dr. Lee is past-president, Korean Society for Learning & Performance (KSLP) and currently serves as President of the Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET).

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