How to use iBooks Author for language teaching

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I will discuss how to create materials with Apple’s iBook Author and how I can incorporate these materials into foreign language education. iBook Author is a free e-book authoring application for Mac that enables you to create multi-touch materials for iPad. E-Books created with iBook Author can be applied in various fields, however, they are particularly effective in foreign language education. You can publish standard text-based materials in any languages using iBook Author, however, it does much more. You can create materials with interactive images, movies, and 3D images, and iPad makes it possible for you to view these quality materials and interact with them.

I will share some examples of materials we created for our language courses, and demonstrate how to add media elements such as sound and video files. Our demonstration includes the quiz mode, which is a very useful function especially for learning materials

Satoru Shinagawa, Univ. of Hawaii, Kapiolani Comm. College, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Satoru ShinagawaSatoru Shinagawa has been teaching Japanese online since 1999. He is one of the first person to offer a language course online. His current interests are how to teach language effectively online.

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