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This presentation discusses the emergence of online internships, which are a perfect venue for competency-based online learning! Competency-based online learning is synergistic to experiential and high-impact internship learning classrooms. The U.S. Department of Education (2013) has recently been revaluating seat time measurement in exchange for more 21st Century approaches such as competency-based models, which include by their definition, project and community-based and customized learning opportunities, all of which are ALSO the hallmarks of experiential internships in the online learning environment. At the top of most university’s lists, that have distance education offerings, are increasingly to begin incorporating internships that provides students opportunities for high-impact experiential learning through hands-on working in cooperation with diverse organizations. This presentation discusses these opportunities as achievable in the online learning classroom. Additionally, with the high priority of the department of education, and higher educational institutions all seeking to expand competency-based learning opportunities, this presentation discusses the synergy of achieving both of these high priority goals with the online internship based on an experiential-competency model.
Dawn Giannoni, Kaplan University, Fort Lauderdale, USA
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Allison Selby, Kaplan University, Asheville, USA
Allison SelbyAllison Selby has taught in higher education for the last ten years. She has taught various digital media courses for many schools, including The University of the Arts, Drexel University and Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia. Currently, she serves as the Director of Internship Programs, for the School of Information Technology in Kaplan University. She chairs the Leadership Professional Competency Committee.

Allison is a graduate of Chestnut Hill College, Masters of Science, Educational Technology. She recently earned a Graduate Certificate in Service-Learning and Community-Based Learning in Postsecondary Education from Portland State University. Her current interests focus on high-impact experiential
practices and particularly how they can be integrated in an online environment. Her primary focus is extending service-learning and internship opportunities for adult students through virtual solutions.

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