Technology and Student Learning in the Writing Center: The Writing Center as a Technology Steward

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As the Kaplan University Writing Center (KUWC) proudly looks forward to celebrating a decade of service to students and faculty in the upcoming year, we also glance back and consider how the KUWC has evolved in our use of educational technologies. During this panel presentation, KUWC tutors will reflect on our use of technologies in four key areas of writing center work: asynchronous project review, synchronous writing support, outreach and community building, and resource development. Specifically, we will talk about our strategic, research-driven movement from traditional, written only paper previews to video reviews, experiences with synchronous tutoring platforms and technologies, including the current use of Adobe Connect, expanded outreach and community building through social media and blogging, and ongoing development of multi-media resources. We will situate our presentation on our careful “stewardship of technology” (Wenger, White, & Smith, 2009; Ozias & Chambers, n.d.). We expect our presentation to be informative and engaging for all writing center staff, especially tutors and administrators who are interested in adapting technologies to their writing center work, exploring synchronous tutoring opportunities, utilizing social media tools, personalizing asynchronous tutoring, and creating timely multi-media resources.

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Amy Sexton, Kaplan University, USA
Amy SextonAmy Sexton has been a college educator for over 15 years. She has worked with Kaplan University as an adjunct composition professor since 2007 and as a writing tutor with the Kaplan University Writing Center since 2010. Before becoming a full time writing center tutor in 2013, Amy taught online college composition and critical thinking courses for several universities. Previously, she taught developmental reading and writing courses, college readiness, and tutor training courses at a local community college in southeast Kentucky for eight years. She also served as the Academic Tutorial Coordinator for the Academic Support Center and Student Support Services program there. Amy has a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Virginia College at Wise, and she earned her graduate degree (Master of Science in Language Education) through a completely online degree program at Indiana University.
Lisa Gerardy, Kaplan University, USA
Lisa GerardyLisa Gerardy has 16 years of teaching and administrative experience in higher education. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in English at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and went on to earn her Master’s degree, also in English, at Fort Hays State University in Fort Hays, Kansas.
Lisa is currently the Writing Center Specialist at Kaplan University. Before joining Kaplan, she taught a variety of K-12 and college-level English, literature, and creative writing courses.

Lisa recently presented on the use of social media in the online classroom at the 2013 NCLCA conference in Charleston, S.C.

Lisa enjoys writing in her spare time. She recently published a young adult novel, Misfit Academy. Lisa also writes a weekly blog on a variety of topics.

Molly Starkweather, Kaplan University, USA
Molly StarkweatherMolly Starkweather is a professional writing tutor at Kaplan University’s Writing Center, empowering students in all stages of the writing process. Starkweather earned her BA in English from Columbus State University (2006) and her MA in Renaissance Studies from the Hudson Strode Program at the University of Alabama (2008).
Chrissine Rios, Kaplan University Writing Center, Kaplan University, USA
Chrissine RiosChrissine Rios is a writer and innovative educator who has been working in writing centers and writing programs for over 20 years. For the past six years, Chrissine has been an Academic Writing Tutor at the Kaplan University Writing Center where she established the English Language Learner Tutoring and Outreach Program and serves as the lead tutor and faculty liaison for ELL support.
Kyle Harley, Kaplan University Writing Center, Kaplan University, USA
Bio coming soon!
Melody Pickle, Kaplan University Writing Center, Kaplan University, USA
Bio coming soon!

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