Modular Video Production For 3D Digital Design

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The “Flipped Classroom” model has grown in popularity over the last few years. At RIT in the 3D Digital Design department we teach a combination of design critical thinking and technical skills. In the past we struggled to find a balance between teaching the tools and also design and aesthetic concepts. We found a great amount of extra time was dedicated toward teaching the tools to the students. Initially many of the video promoted in the Flipped classroom are long, lecture length. In our department we have found that, the creation of modular videotaped technical lectures for offline viewing significantly leverages our and the students time by redirecting the delivery of quantified, finite technical information to self-paced, individual study. This model allows for more classroom time to address issues that require increased student interaction and participation. Additional benefits and techniques will be discussed for optimizing video production as well as combining social media elements to away from classroom discussion.
Shaun Foster, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA
Shaun FosterShaun Foster is an Assistant Professor in 3D Digital Graphics / Computer Graphics Design programs at RIT. His interest is where interactive, 3D, educational and interface design combine. From these interests comes a focus for creatively designing with new visual and interactive technologies and connecting multimedia in new ways. An award winning visual artist Foster works in and combines the fields of 3D animation, educational interactive multimedia, visual effects, compositing and business.
David Halbstein, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA
David HalbsteinDavid Halbstein is an Assistant Professor of 3D Digital Graphics at RIT. Originally from New Jersey, David has extensive experience working in the broadcast, film, and commercial industries in the New York Metropolitan area; and has taught in this field in both traditional degree-granting institutions and intensive corporate training centers. With a background in fine arts, David is primarily interested in discovering new directions in creative expression through the marriage of traditional ideas with new technology.

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