Screencasting on the iPad using ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

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Screencasts enable instructors to quickly and easily provide a student-centered and engaging learning experience. Instead of trying to find existing video online, instructors can create a screencast which aligns with specific lessons or answers student’s questions. In addition to effective instruction, the screencast also allows for a more personal connection between the instructor and student(s). Several popular screencasting options are available for the computer, but we will focus on Showme for the iPad. Showme Interactive Whiteboard is an app that turns your iPad into a personal interactive whiteboard. Showme allows you to record your own tutorials and share them online or via email with students. Showme works well for students and instructors making instructional videos easy to create and share.
Lea Rosenberry, Kaplan University, Altoona, PA, USA
Lea_Rosenberry_64Lea Rosenberry has been teaching college-level math since 1996. She has a Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction and a minor in Math Education. In addition, she has over 21 graduate hours in Mathematics. Lea has been teaching for Kaplan University since 2005 and has been a course lead and subject matter expert for various math courses during her tenure at Kaplan.

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