Slippery Rocks and ALGAE: A Collaborative Multiplayer Educational Roleplaying Game and a Model for Adaptive Learning Game Design

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Designing educational games seems deceptively simple, but creating a game that is engaging and offers strengths that compel the players to continue playing can be challenging. Join us as we examine the behavior and design of a multiplayer educational roleplaying game called Slippery Rock Falls that promotes learner collaboration, and share your game design experiences and your insights on the ALGAE model for adaptive learning game design during this interactive session.

The interactive session includes a trivia game that stimulates the audience to share their experiences, an exercise for discussing the kinds of games that they have played and designed, and a collaborative activity that organizes the recommendations of the participants.

If there is interest, we can schedule a Slippery Rock Falls game session after the conference.

Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Cynthia_Calongne_64Dr. Cynthia Calongne is a researcher of virtual worlds, games, and immersive learning experiences with over 18 years teaching experience. She was a founding leader of Colorado Technical University’s Emerging Media Program in Computer Science Program after serving as a software engineer including the US Space Command. Cynthia, aka her avatar Lyr Lobo, was a co-recipient of the $25,000 1st prize for the Federal Virtual Challenge with Dr. Andrew Stricker in 2010 for their Mars Expedition Challenge. Cynthia’s presentations can be found at:
Andrew Stricker, Air University, Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Bio coming soon!
Truman Barbara, Fusion Unlimited Networks, Orlando, Florida, USA
Barbara_Truman_64Dr. Barbara Truman is a social entrepreneur who was a former faculty administrator from the University of Central Florida where she helped establish online learning. Barbara’s background is within Instructional Systems Design, Human Performance Technology, and Computer Science. She recently launched a non-profit corporation in Orlando, Florida to promote collaboration using virtual environments across industry sectors and beyond formal learning. Barbara studies how immersive learning environments promote transdisciplinarity using avatars and dialogue.
Jason Murray, Colorado Technical University, Pennsylvania, USA
Jason MurrayAs the District Technology Coordinator for Cornwall-Lebanon School District, I promote the integration of technology within curriculums to enhance student learning opportunities. Web 2.0 tools, cloud computing, and open source ideals create a new dynamic journey for education. The culture shift of technological transformations within the classroom offers a vibrant future for education.

My Master of Science through Philadelphia University in Instructional Technology laid my foundation to understanding instructional design, educational technology, and online learning. My Doctorate of Computer Science through Colorado Technical University focusing in Emerging Media adds to my experience in open source, cloud computing, futuring, and innovation.

As the Technology Coordinator, I supervise the organization of the district’s enterprise solutions. Our Technology Services offer innovative, customized solutions to provide our staff with the essentials they need to complete their objectives. We incorporate futuristic concepts within our network engineering, virtual professional development, collaborative communication, and all other aspects of the district.

My current aspirations include researching open source software project performance in; creating dynamic content in virtual worlds (Second Life & multiple OpenSim worlds); exploring cloud computing; investigating cyber awareness & security; developing blended, hybrid, & virtual learning environments; and developing mobile apps.

Edward D. Lavieri, Jr., Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Bio coming soon!
Diane Martini, Fusion Unlimited Networks, Orlando, FL, USA
Bio coming soon!

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